Private classes

One on one with Rachid !!

Rachid is available for private, semi private or small group classes in The Netherlands or abroad while traveling.  Individual classes with Rachid will dramatically improve your learning and dance skills. In the private classes you will get the extra coaching and attention some students need to achieve the next level.  These classes are appropriate for all levels of dancers from basic beginners through professional. Each private class is customized to the students needs.


The benefits of private and semi private lesson:

- Allows you to learn and understand the technique and movements effectively at your own pace

- Allows you to get the individual attention  and the opportunity to ask many questions during the class

- Allows you to get a better constructive feedback and explanation of the movements and steps.

- Allows you to choose the topic that you want to work on whether its technique, steps combinations, stylization, coaching or assistance with creating a choreography.

- Allows you to self assuredly reach that next level



please contact Rachid, for available dates, hours and rates.

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